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Vaikunta Ratham Services at Hyderabad

Vaikunta Ratham Vehicle at Hyderabad

Hindu Anthimayatra Vehicle “Last Rides“: Honoring the Departed with Reverence

In Hindu culture, Anthimayatra, meaning “Last Rides,” is a sacred and solemn journey that marks the final passage of a departed soul. This sacred ritual involves transporting the mortal remains of the deceased to the cremation ground for the final rites. The vehicle used for this poignant journey is often referred to as “Last Rides,” symbolizing the soul’s transition from this world to the afterlife.

The Last Rides vehicle holds significant spiritual and emotional importance for the grieving family and friends. It serves as a means to carry the departed on their final journey with dignity, reverence, and respect. The choice of the vehicle may vary depending on regional customs, family preferences, and practical considerations, but some traditional options include

Vaikunta Ratham at Hyderabad

Funeral Hearse: A hearse is a common choice for transporting the body of the deceased from the place of death to the cremation ground. It is a specially designed vehicle that ensures a smooth and dignified journey.

Palanquin or Doli: In some regions and for certain communities, a palanquin or doli may be used to carry the body. This traditional method involves bearers carrying the palanquin on their shoulders, reflecting the age-old customs of the land.

Decorated Vehicle: In modern times, families may choose to use a decorated vehicle to carry the body. The vehicle is often adorned with flowers, garlands, and religious symbols, reflecting the spiritual significance of the journey.

The Last Rides vehicle is not merely a mode of transportation; it is a symbol of reverence and a way to pay final respects to the departed soul. It carries the mortal remains to the cremation ground, where the soul is believed to be released from its earthly existence and begins its journey to the afterlife.

Vaikunta Ratham Vehicle at Hyderabad

Vaikunta Ratham Services at Hyderabad

Throughout the Anthimayatra, family members and close friends often accompany the body in the vehicle, expressing their love and support for the departed in their final moments in this world. The journey is solemn and accompanied by prayers, hymns, and chants that seek blessings for the soul and solace for the grieving.

Hinduism teaches that death is not the end but a transition to a higher state of existence. The Anthimayatra signifies the belief in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, emphasizing the impermanence of the physical body and the eternity of the soul.
After reaching the cremation ground, the Last Rides vehicle halts, and the body is taken to the funeral pyre for cremation. The cremation process is considered a sacred act, as fire is believed to facilitate the soul’s release from the mortal world and pave its way to the realm beyond.

The Hindu Anthimayatra vehicle, fondly known as “Last Rides,” plays an essential role in the final journey of a departed soul. It embodies the reverence and love with which Hindus bid farewell to their loved ones, carrying them to their final


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